【How to join Bounyt】Discord

【How to join Bounyt】Discord

Discord XJP  https://discord.gg/nYUpCpn

#🌊╰xjp🔹twitter-follow-rt-post #🌊┃xjp🔹telegram-follow ← on this channel

🌊Just post a screenshot of the Follow and Retweet (RT) for “Twiitter“.

※Two actions, follow and retweet (RT), are required.

Only one action is out of condition

(You need to match your Twitter with your Discord ID.)

🌊Just post a screenshot of the “Telegram” subscription screen.

(You need to match your Telegram ID with your Discord ID.)

🔹① Post only on Twitter→ 10XJP (Giveaway)

🔹 ②Post only in Telegram: → 5XJP (Giveaway)

🔹① + ② Post both Twitter:twitter_1: & Telegram → +5XJP(Giveaway)

※Your posted→Please be sure to fill in Twitter account (@○○) and Telegram account (@○○) when posting. We will verify in operation. Coins cannot be given to posts that are not listed in the account. Thank you.


【Bounyt 参加方法】Discord
Discord XJP https://discord.gg/nYUpCpn

#🌊╰xjp🔹twitter-follow-rt-post #🌊┃xjp🔹telegram-follow←ここのチャンネルに

🌊“Twiitter“ のFollowとリツイート(RT)のスクリーンショットを投稿するだけです。



(貴方のTwitterと貴方のDiscord IDを照合する必要はあります。)


(貴方のTelegram IDと貴方のDiscord IDを照合する必要はあります。)

🔹①Twitter: のみ投稿 →10XJP (Giveaway)

🔹②Telegram: のみ投稿→ 5XJP (Giveaway)

🔹①+②Twitter: & Telegram:tele_1: 両方投稿→+5XJP(Giveaway)



eXciting Japan Coin(XJP)

Japan is an island country. Surrounded by the blue sea, I live well under the blue sky. I made the image of the sea and the sky the icon and the background.