XJP distribution volume update

XJP distribution volume update

🌊XJP COIN Holder distribution forecas🌊

🌊XJP COINホルダーの分布予測🌊


🔹Profile Summary🔹As of September 20, 2020



🔹Total Supply:777,777,777,777,777 XJP

🔹Owned by management office (Burn&Lockup)

777,777,762,192,677 XJP



  Exchange & Wallet Total Volume (Number of Distributions)

  15,585,100 XJP(☆0.00000003%)

🔹It may be partially distributed in the future, but it is unlikely.


eXciting Japan Coin(XJP)

Japan is an island country. Surrounded by the blue sea, I live well under the blue sky. I made the image of the sea and the sky the icon and the background.