"XJP Super Girls"

🌊The blue sea under the blue sky. We at XJP are always Exciting!

Looking for "XJP Super Girls"! This is a dedicated channel for women only. If you are an active woman and like XJP, please join us. Participation requirements are those who have a role of @XJPmember or higher. Stop impersonating men! LOL


“XJP Super Girls”を募集中!女性のみの専用チャンネルです。活発な女性でXJPが好きと言う方は参加して下さい。参加要件は@XJPmember以上の役割がある方です男性のなりすましはやめてね!lol

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Japan is an island country. Surrounded by the blue sea, I live well under the blue sky. I made the image of the sea and the sky the icon and the background.