XJP-BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard.



TOKEN: eXciting Japan Coin

Total Supply: 77,777,777 XJP

Contract: 0x6Af6eDF9b2CEA59786728A89c0730fB795Ab55DC

Decimals: 18


DISCORD WALLET information update

DISCORD WALLET information update
🌊XJP COIN was listed on "" and "Uzuras" on Discord Wallet. It will also be listed in “Multip”. Let's have fun and liven up the community.

🌊XJP COINは、Discord Walletにおいて、“”と“Uzuras”にリスティングしていました。追加で“Multip”にもリスティングします。楽しくcommunityを盛り上げましょう。

XJP distribution volume update

🌊XJP COIN Holder distribution forecas🌊

🌊XJP COINホルダーの分布予測🌊


🔹Profile Summary🔹As of September 20, 2020



🔹Total Supply:777,777,777,777,777 XJP

🔹Owned by management office (Burn&Lockup)

777,777,762,192,677 XJP



  Exchange & Wallet Total Volume (Number of Distributions)

  15,585,100 XJP(☆0.00000003%)

🔹It may be partially distributed in the future, but it is unlikely.


We are a non-profit volunteer group.

Starting today, Airdrop will be carried out irregularly on the http://TIP.CC server. In Discord Community Server, it's a little complicated rule, but if you refer to the surroundings, you will get used to it. 


Copyright ©️ 2020 eXciting Japan Coin(XJP)

🌊The blue sea under the blue sky. We at XJP are always Exciting!

Looking for "XJP Super Girls"! This is a dedicated channel for women only. If you are an active woman and like XJP, please join us. Participation requirements are those who have a role of @XJPmember or higher. Stop impersonating men! LOL


“XJP Super Girls”を募集中!女性のみの専用チャンネルです。活発な女性でXJPが好きと言う方は参加して下さい。参加要件は@XJPmember以上の役割がある方です男性のなりすましはやめてね!lol

Copyright © 2020 eXciting Japan Coin(XJP)

🌊As of September 20, 2020, we have adjusted the amount of XJP in the market. Significantly executed to about 1/2 (reduced by about 50%).

🌊2020年9月20日現在、市場におけるXJPの量を調整しています。 約1/2まで大幅に実行されました(約50%削減)。

We will adjust the number of XJP distributions to further improve the value.

🌊 XJP Discord Server Invitation Bounty Event will be held.

🌊 XJP Discord Server Invitation Bounty Event will be held.

🏅 Give away XJP coins at the top of the invitation ranking 🏅

Details are available on XJP Discord Server!

🌊XJP Discord Server 招待 Bounty Eventを開催します。


詳しくはXJP Discord Serverにて公開!

XJP Discord

🌊"XJP Holder Airdrop Bounty" Event for XJP large holders will be held in Discord.
For more information, let's participate! There is no limit on the maximum amount of XJP Giveaway that is 5% to 7% of the event designated balance.

🌊XJP大口ホルダーに対しての“XJP Holder Airdrop Bounty”EventをDiscord内にて開催します。
詳しくは参加しよう!イベント指定残高の5%~7%のXJP Giveawayに最高額に限度はありません。

【How to join Bounyt】Discord

Discord XJP

#🌊╰xjp🔹twitter-follow-rt-post #🌊┃xjp🔹telegram-follow ← on this channel

🌊Just post a screenshot of the Follow and Retweet (RT) for “Twiitter“.

※Two actions, follow and retweet (RT), are required.

Only one action is out of condition

(You need to match your Twitter with your Discord ID.)

🌊Just post a screenshot of the “Telegram” subscription screen.

(You need to match your Telegram ID with your Discord ID.)

🔹① Post only on Twitter→ 10XJP (Giveaway)

🔹 ②Post only in Telegram: → 5XJP (Giveaway)

🔹① + ② Post both Twitter:twitter_1: & Telegram → +5XJP(Giveaway)

※Your posted→Please be sure to fill in Twitter account (@○○) and Telegram account (@○○) when posting. We will verify in operation. Coins cannot be given to posts that are not listed in the account. Thank you.


【Bounyt 参加方法】Discord
Discord XJP

#🌊╰xjp🔹twitter-follow-rt-post #🌊┃xjp🔹telegram-follow←ここのチャンネルに

🌊“Twiitter“ のFollowとリツイート(RT)のスクリーンショットを投稿するだけです。



(貴方のTwitterと貴方のDiscord IDを照合する必要はあります。)


(貴方のTelegram IDと貴方のDiscord IDを照合する必要はあります。)

🔹①Twitter: のみ投稿 →10XJP (Giveaway)

🔹②Telegram: のみ投稿→ 5XJP (Giveaway)

🔹①+②Twitter: & Telegram:tele_1: 両方投稿→+5XJP(Giveaway)




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